Pavane Dancegroup introduces himself
Our dance group was formed in 1992 with the aim of reviving the lost tradition of old ball dances by applying them on stage, so the people of our age can get to know them.
Our dances are based on authentic written sources found in various archaives, private collections and old books about dance and rules of propriety.
In our performances we strive to show the beauty of the ball dances of the Baroque, Renaissance,19th Century and the Hungarian ball dances of our national Romanticism. Through the dances we can evoke the spirit of these ages, since we use authentic musical material and period dresses.

Periods we evoke::

• 12th-13th Century dances
• Renaissance dances: Italy, France, Hungary
• Baroque dances
• Kurutz dances
• 19th Century ball dances
• 19th Century Hungarian ball dances

Relating to the Renaissance period we also established a flag-swinging group based on a historical background.Our coreographies are worked out in solo performances, as well as in groups. The line-up can be modified according to the local circumstances.
The flag-swinging group is suited by our own drummer ensemble and for years co-working with the Renaissance Consort music group of Kecskemét.

We have participated in several castle-games (in Eger, Sümeg, Hollókő, Csesznek, etc.), historical parades in Hungary and abroad (in Transilvania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France and Northern-Ireland), and as the only group representing Hungary at the European Middle Age Festival in Denmark in 2001. We compile our line-up according to the characteristics of the location and the requests of the organizators in charge of the whole program.


György Lázár
Band leader

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